Why Wolfe Tours?

Wolfe Adventures & Tours’ Story…

Welcome to your next great tour experience!

We LOVE what we do! It’s not a job. It’s our life.

It’s our goal to make sure you go back home and get to tell everyone about your amazing time! (They’ll break down the door to look at your photos, no bribery needed!)

We get to see “light bulb” moments of students and even adults when they stand right where history happened.

We work with you on YOUR tour. It’s not our experience, it’s yours. We’ve got a ton of experiences of our own to help out and know where to find great restaurants, hikes, local guides.

Escape to places you’ve always thought about going…from near to far.


In 2002, Wolfe Tours became a reality as a local step-on company and has grown into a Group Tour Operation, specializing in customized day and overnight tours for students and adults.

One call does it all for small to large groups for your transportation, hotel, sites, hands-on activities and meals. Or you might be and need help with all the other great inclusions. We’ve searched and found many great experiences for everyone to Facebook, tweet or even send a postcard back home!

For groups that are looking for evening or day activities, we’ve created specialized tours:

  • 90-Minute walking tour – “Spirits & Mayhem” of Boston & one for Salem
  • Hikes/woods walks in Massachusetts
  • “Behind the Scenes” Movie Tours including Boston, The North Shore/Cape Ann and Lowell

As a Receptive Operator, Wolfe steps behind the scenes and is able to provide local tour services and pass on professional rates whenever possible. Soup to nuts or day activities are possible and based on your company needs.



Local Guides and Tour Managers

We have many great local guides and tour managers that go on the road with our groups. With approximately 39 trusted team members, it’s hard to get them all together in one place for a group photo! Thank you to all of our valued guides and managers – you make the tours!


Taunya Wolfe Finn, CTP

With a double major in Tourism & PR and a Masters in TESOL from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO, Taunya found tourism to be the path to take. She lived and traveled overseas for a bit, journeyed to Boston in the latter-‘90s and can’t seem to leave! Through the years, she has worked with some great tour companies in-house and on the road as a tour manager. Wolfe Adventures & Tours has been a part of her life since 2002 when she founded the company as a Boston Area Local Guiding Company from the ground up. Since then, it’s grown into a full service tour operation; creating day and overnight tours with unique experiences.

Taunya has been asked to be a guest lecturer for University Tourism classes and taken part on various tourism panels for NTA and North of Boston CVB through the recent years. Other activities include the NTA Leadership Team and Owner’s Network, as well as serving on the NBCVB Board of Directors.

Susan Sarsfield
Operations Manager

Susan has been with Wolfe since 2008 and has jumped in with both feet, to say the least! Working at a large group tour operation in a past life of sales and also taking care of her own businesses, she has found staying in the tourism world might just be the way to go. Being bi-lingual in Portuguese and English is certainly an added advantage in the tourism world. Detailed special tour projects and accounting does not faze her in the least. And if you’re calling or emailing in to make sure you’re all set for your next tour, you’ll probably get the chance to talk!


Hannah Chern
Website and Social Media Team Member

Hannah is currently a senior at Mill Valley High School in Shawnee, KS. She has always enjoyed the times when she could travel, and she is always looking for more opportunities to discover the world. Her love for travel has inspired her to join the Wolfe Tours team to help spread the joys of traveling with people all around the world. Traveling is a way for people to connect with others all around the world, so as a part of this team, Hannah hopes to help everyone find the right tour for them.