Alabama: Civil Rights Tour

History through first-hand encounters

In line with the elementary school curriculum, Wolfe Tours wants to help expand engagement with Civil Rights history through first-hand encounters with the people and at the historic sites that played significant roles in the African-American struggle for equality and social justice.

Join us in discovering Montgomery, Birmingham, Selma and Tuskegee where the struggle for justice and equality took shape in the 1950s and 60s. Hear the remarkable stories firsthand. Go beyond the tour as you walk in the footsteps of the foot soldiers, visit the historic places and engage with those who fought for civil rights.

Imagine This:

Fly into Birmingham and enjoy a first glance of this vibrant city. Enjoy accommodations downtown to provide opportunities for exploration throughout your stay. Dig deeper by connecting with the Civil Rights Institute for a student to student exchange of knowledge and culture. Experience special events for annual celebrations to become fully immersed in the depth of the Civil Rights story.

Walk the path with us in Selma to learn from those who were there during the struggles and become familiar with what they have seen and learned throughout the decades. Take a minute to digest the culinary wonders of Southern fare and learn the history and origins of some of the more unique dishes that are hard to find anywhere else. A true melting pot of history, culture and adventure that will have a lasting impact!