Kenya, Africa

This time, it’s personal.

After 20 years of helping guests explore the world, Taunya has made quite a few friends! And this includes friends in South Africa. Kenya, is of course unique in all it has to offer through unique cultural exchanges, insight into the arts and amazing wildlife. Taunya has helped guests explore Kenya through the lens of service. Welcoming 84 million international travelers in Africa pre pandemic economic impact was 184BB in tourism dollars from the US alone.

Imagine This:

Wolfe Tours offers a unique educational tour of Sub-Saharan Africa for students to Kenya; famous for it’s Safari drives and the vibrant culture of the Maasai tribe. This service based tour is designed to give students the chance to help indigenous communities as well as enjoy some of the adventure and beauty that Kenya has to offer. Throughout the tour, students will learn about indigenous cultures and interact with and support children in rural villages. Students will be engaged in creating new or improving existing community projects to help impoverished communities and students in Kenya. Students will interact closely with the Maasai, seeing how they live, build their homes and survive off the land.

An additional element of this tour allows students to experience the thrill of the Safari drive seeing a vast array of animals in their natural habitat. The Safari experience promises to see giraffe, zebra, elephants, lions and more.

In addition, students will be exposed to and have an opportunity to speak Swahili with the locals. Students will learn that the Portuguese were influential in developing the Swahili language which is now widely spoken in East and Central Africa. Students will be challenged to test their newfound Swahili skills with the local students at Divinity Foundations Rescue Center through interactive games and community service experiences.