Musical Adventures

Global Musical Adventures

Wolfe Tours loves to bring musical groups together to experience adventures throughout the world! Disney happens to be one of our favorite destinations as they work with us to cater to student music groups to define an interactive experience that will never be forgotten.

Wolfe will design your custom tour throughout the US or Europe. Musical competitions, backstage experiences and adjudicated performances, parades and live music experiences that will never be forgotten. One of our favorite curated student events for bands was to bring the group to Ellis Island to perform Pinball Wizard! An unforgettable moment!

Imagine This:

Fly into Florida and bus to accommodations. Enjoy a night in the park to become acquainted with the group and maximize your time! Wake up to a thrilling day filled with backstage tours, and a performance of your own. Check out the park for 2 days of interactive rides and attractions. Take advantage of being in a unique climate with a little time for beach and interaction with local wildlife. This combo adventure & performance tour will leave you wanting for more!