Spirits & Mayhem Tours

Ghosts, Witches, and Pandemonium

Wolfe does ghost tours a bit differently. Think of historical fiction. Not hoaky, but fun, engaging and informative. Filled with historical tidbits and lots of charisma. Our guides are specifically trained for these customized tours. We have built two tours that each last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Students & adults have enjoyed these tours of ours for years. They can be “dialed up or dialed down” to suit your travelers. Some groups like hearing the weird stories and sharing their own while others like hearing of the more technical side of the spirit world.

Each Spirit & Mayhem Tour is offered as a private tour. Start times are up to you. Total duration 75 minutes.
Flat rates for groups 20 people and under

Imagine This:

The Boston Common’s hanging tree site hides stories of its own, see Cheers (yes, the one made famous in the US TV Sitcom of the same name), walk the posh & quaint streets through Beacon Hill and into the most spirited building in Boston, the Omni Parker House, hear stories of “A Christmas Carol”, see old elevators that get called from the beyond, and hear the strange but true story of a book bound in human skin at the private reading club of the Boston Athenaeum

Hear the stories abound of course from the Witch Trials of 1692, murder (why not these days?), haunted Inns and homes, and maybe a laughing spirit or two! Bring your camera, as you may just encounter some orbs of your own to share with family and friends. It’s not just for Halloween, in fact, it’s an excellent time to partake in this mayhem! (All guides are licensed Salem guides.)