What are our priorities for your travelers?

Safety is our #1 priority.

We think that goes without saying. If one does not have safety, one does not have a good tour, much less a good time.

Priorities include….

Make sure everyone has a great time

Tour pace suits your level of ability, desires, touring needs

Great food, Great guides, Great accommodations

Help create unforgettable local experiences!

How long has Wolfe Adventures & Tours been in business?

In 2002, the owner started doing local guiding for the Boston area and was a Tour Director for other tour companies as well…over the road to NYC, New England, PA, DC, and VA.

In 2008, “I” became a “we” and we started doing more and more day and overnight tours for student and adult groups, while still also keeping business relationships with many of the companies the owner tour directed for in the previous years.

Do you work with Teachers, Directors, Group Leaders, Travel Agents, and other Tour Operators?

We do! Most certainly. Please email: tours@wolfetours.com or call 978-255-1645 for details.

What benefits are there for being a teacher or group leader in traveling with you?

Lots we think!
You have a dedicated Wolfe Tours team that helps you create your tour. We don’t plan to go anywhere.

You will have a PRIVATE tour!…We have not, ever put groups that do not know each other together. If you have a smaller group, you might do more touring using the subway to help keep the cost down for instance. We use smaller vehicles such as 14 passengers, 28, and 38s.

We have past and current guides and tour managers that create your tours. So creating an itinerary that makes sense is very important to us!

You travel for FREE of course. You do a lot of work when you hold meetings to sell your tour, when you talk with your travelers, and when you work with us to create your tour. And they would follow you to the end of the world and back! We believe that deserves a million thank yous from us as well!
Please contact us to find out other benefits of being a teacher or group leader!

Do you ever put groups together that do not know each other on the “same” tour?

No. We don’t. Why not?
Because no one ever has the “same” tour.

We don’t like surprises before tour either and we doubt you would like to find out that you just got paired with a high school group when you have 5th graders! And that is really not the same tour.

Just because the destination is the same, does not mean what each group wants for their group is the same.

In many cases, the TD and driver just end up being chauffeured around town…not much else can come of things in this situation it seems.

What if I know another teacher or group leader that also wants to travel when and where I do?

Great! If you know another teacher or group leader that wants to also bring people on a tour like what you want; that could certainly be perfect.

Partner up and we’ll work with both of you at that point. You each have your “own” students and travelers; but you’re sharing the cost of a motorcoach, tour manager, etc. so it does help keep the cost lower.

We price the tour out for everyone. All pay the same price.

Are tour quotes free?

Yes, they are. We create a quote for your group, based on what you tell us you want included from our initial conversations. We price it out and get it to you with a list of inclusions and a general tour description.

How long do I have to decide to make my tour “a go”?

With the quote, we can usually hold airlines, hotels, transportation, etc for about 2-3 weeks. After that, if you are not sure yet; you still may go of course. We would just have to recontact air, hotel, etc to see if the price is the same or is different and if they still have availability. Then we can go for it!

What if I change my mind on something I included at first?

As a group leader, you can change your mind. You have that right! Of course, the sooner the better so we can make sure the pricing is correct for your travelers and preferably before they start booking onto your private tour. But we work with our travelers as much as possible.

Do I have to have a big group to travel with you?

You do not. Of course, the more travelers, the less a tour does cost on some level. But we work with groups of all sizes. We even have day tours for your “group” of 2!

In reality, groups of 15/20 or more are good sizes to create a day or overnight tour.

Is there a minimum number of people I need to travel if I think I have a group?

There is nothing set in stone.
We work together with you in determining how many people you think will actually be able to travel when it all comes down to it.

We base the tour price on this number as a range of travelers and can do different price points so you know if you have more, the price goes down.

What is your ratio for free places and paying travelers on a student tour?

It varies with each group.
We work in the free/comp places based on your needs and your wants regarding having enough chaperones to take care of your students. There is NO set “industry” rate. We have the power to be flexible. Some teachers choose a 1:6, others choose a 1:10, etc. And other groups do not have any free places for chaperones at all actually.

It comes down to what do you need. Do you have 40 students and want 4 chaperones to go? Those 4 chaperones would be “free”, but they may want to know they will be working hard for that free spot! While it is an honor to chaperone a student tour, it’s certainly not a vacation! (And please tell your family that Wolfe said it’s okay if you sleep the whole next day upon return! That’s normal.)

Can I have complimentary places on my adult tour?

Yes, of course. Just tell us what you need and what you are thinking in our initial conversations. This has to be all set when quoting.

Is having a Tour Manager on my tour an “extra” cost?

We do not see having an experienced, fun, and knowledgeable tour manager with you an extra cost by any means.

Your tour manager is there to make life easier for you.
They are there to run the tour while you can take care of your travelers on a more personal level. You don’t need to worry about logistics, communicating with your driver, reconfirming sites, knowing which way to walk in the city if the only way you know is closed off (with 50 people behind you)!

When do you send teachers and group leaders all the meal vouchers, cash allotments, etc for the tour?

99% never. (Because the only thing we have ever sent a teacher is a check to cover checked baggage or meals at an airport connection on the way out.)

You will never get the big packet of things with meal vouchers, etc that are to be used on tour.

That is why you have a tour manager. They are there to work and make your tour run smoothly – as well as keep all that good stuff and hand out when required each day.

But what about a tour costing a lot more with a tour manager versus not having one?

It does not cost “a lot” more.
It does cost a bit more, sure. But when divided out amongst the whole group, it is by FAR the best bang for your buck; your peace of mind; and your sanity.

If you’re on a student tour, it is a given that you have a tour manager on each bus usually. Please feel free to compare pricing with one from us and without one from another company of course.

We pride ourselves on quality tours and fair pricing for student and adult tour prices.
We’re happy to compare “apples to apples” with any other tour quotes you may have. We’ve found in the past, we’ve offered more for less. We don’t have brokers or a committee of owners to please as a family-owned tour company. Our bosses are our travelers.

How many tour managers would be with us?

One tour manager is on each coach usually for student and adult groups.

For performing groups, you may choose to have one tour manager overall and then local guides for sightseeing since performance groups have more time required for performances and practice.

Can you book group airfare?

Yes. Most certainly. We work with a great air team that knows their stuff! We get the best pricing, routing, airline possible; while that is all important of course, we find out what is important to you. We like getting everyone on non-stops if possible. But if a non-stop is a lot more money over another option; we’ll ask you what you want for instance.

What is the minimum for group airfare?

10 total travelers, including any free places for group leaders and/or chaperones

When do I know my airline and routing?

As soon as possible when we reserve your flights.
Sometimes it’s too far out and the airlines might not even have the routes & pricing out. But we can do a pretty good job of estimating if you need a price over ½ year out or more. Then we get it exact. So as soon as the airline has the routing out, we grab the best possible. This can be ½ year prior to your tour.

What if the airline changes price and routing?

Changes in price do not happen for you, especially after we contract with the airline if the same flights are still a go.
Changes in routing and even an airline dropping a flight can certainly happen. We do the best we can on a case-by-case basis to get you rebooked. This usually happens months out. But sometimes can be the night prior! (That’s why you have us…we don’t even call you,we just get you all set!)

Do all of your guides do all of your tours?

No, they do not.
Some guides and tour managers LOVE working with student groups and others LOVE working with adult tour groups.

We have about 31 tour manages and guides. We do our best to make sure they are paired up with a group they can connect with.

What if I have a tour manager or guide that I want with my group, can I request them?

You most certainly can request them.

We will give them a call and see if they are available asap. If they are available, we get them on our tour calendar with you.

If they are not available, we have many great guides and tour managers of course.
If they do not currently work with us, we will call them anyway and see what is possible.