Tips for Traveling with Student Groups 

Some of the most enriching activities and experiences for students can be traveling to new environments, historical locations, or national landmarks. When students step out of the classroom to immerse themselves in history, it can make for some memorable educational and personal moments. 

Traveling with students can be a magical experience for them, but it can also be a logistical challenge because students can have different needs, physical abilities, and interests in the location you choose to visit. Here are a few tips on how to successfully travel with students from your school. 

Plan & Prepare 

Whether you’re headed to visit Washington D.C. in the Cherry Blossoms in spring or the historic towns right outside of Boston for Patriot’s Day, you will need to plan well in advance of your trip. Details such as handling the financial aspects of the trip, expectations of students and chaperones, and a general itinerary of each day. 

Several months in advance of your trip, meet with students and their parents about the payment plan, itinerary, and behavior expected while on the trip. Our dedicated Wolfe Tours team can help you create a tour for your specific needs and interests. Our team has been creating and designing memorable trips since 2002, and we love working with school groups and teachers!

Part of your planning should include:

  • Packing a variety of outfits with consideration to the weather, fancier dinners, and any locations that require a certain dress code. 
  • Proper footwear for walking tours. 
  • Making airfare and hotel accommodations. (Remember, we can do all of this for you!)
  • Assigning travel buddies and chaperones. 
  • Creating a fun but manageable itinerary for your destination. 
  • Payment planning. 
  • Creation of emergency forms and logistics. 
  • A list of things to pack and what to leave at home. 

Prior to your planned travel, it’s a good idea to also set certain behavior expectations for your trips such as quiet hours in the hotel, appropriate language, and check-in times for chaperones. Don’t forget to plan for some downtime so your students can recuperate from the day’s activities or tours. 

Getting Organized 

If your tour takes you to the airport, get yourself organized with identifications, boarding passes, and passports when necessary. Having a tour group like Wolfe Tours plan your trip will help you to navigate the airports as well as check-ins and check-outs at hotels or historical sites. 

Keep all necessary documents in one place where they are easily accessible. It’s also a good idea to have multiple forms of communication available for parents who will want to know where their student is and how to contact them if needed.

Anticipate Student Needs 

Planning prior to an event can sometimes put us in an unrealistic mode. This could mean forgetting about the logical needs of your students to stop for snacks, bathroom breaks, and the always-needed rest break for themselves and you. 

For students with special needs, build these breaks into your itinerary to reassure your students that they will have time for eating, restrooms, and having fun with friends. 

For more information and our frequently asked questions about our student tours, check out our website and start planning your next tour with Wolf Tours and Adventures.