What To See & Do In Colonial Virginia

If you’re a history buff, Colonial Virginia is one of the best places for your school or group tour to spend a few days. Located along the beautiful coast of Virginia, just a few hours from Washington D.C. lies the Historic Triangle of Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. These three areas are rich with history from some of the first Europeans to attempt a colony at Jamestown Colony to the Battlefields of Yorktown during the American Revolution. 

Colonial Virginia is the perfect place to schedule your next group tour. There is so much to see and do, you just might have trouble deciding what to include in your itinerary. Don’t worry Wolfe Tours can help with that. Here are a few of our suggestions of where to start with your list of ‘must-see’ activities in Colonial Virginia. 


The Historic Triangle 

Looking for places that will capture the interest and inspiration of all ages? Look no further than a multi-day visit to the Historic Triangle. We suggest spending at the very least three days touring Yorktown, Jamestown, and Colonial Williamsburg. If you have more time you will be able to include more activities on your schedule! 

Colonial Williamsburg 

Students and adults alike will love stepping back in time to the 18th Century in Colonial Williamsburg. Follow in the footsteps of colonial Americans as you visit taverns, shops, and museums as you meet staff dressed in period clothing. Colonial Williamsburg is truly a living history museum.

As you explore the 301 acres of Colonial Williamsburg you will see dozens of original buildings, homes, and shops reconstructed as if you are stepping into the past. Visit Duke of Gloucester Street, the Capitol, the Governor’s Palace, the  George Wythe House, the Courthouse, and many gathering places such as Raleigh’s Tavern. There is so much to see and do! 

Jamestown Settlement 

Jamestown Settlement, the first permanent English Colony, is also a living-history park and museum. During your visit, you will be able to see what life was like for those first colonists as well as hear the stories of 17th Century Virginia from the European settlers, Powhatan Indians, and African slaves.

See replicas of the three ships that brought the European settlers to the area, a recreated Powhatan Village, as well as a recreated James Fort as it was in 1610. You will immerse yourself in history in Jamestown. 

Battlefields of Yorktown

Yorktown is most known for being the site of the siege and surrender of British General Cornwallis to Colonial General George Washington and the French Fleet during the American Revolutionary War on October 19, 1781.

During your tour of this area, you can take in the battlefields where the main fighting took place, explore the architecture of the eighteenth century, or grab a meal at one of the historic restaurants. There are multiple historic sites to visit such as the American Revolution Museum and the Colonial National Historic Park. 

Having trouble deciding how long and what to visit? Let Wolfe Tours plan your trip down to the last detail and create a trip you can only dream of!